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Make Your Own Vitamin C, It’s Easy!

This winter, decide to stay off the vitamin C supplements (often containing nasties that have a negative impact on our health) and make your own. Yes, it really is that easy! A great activity for kids, and such a great way to get immune boosting nutrients into their diets without fighting over pills and potions.

If you’re suffering with a cold, or just want to make sure you keep up your intake of vitamin C, use this simple way to make your own booster – grab a couple of lemons or oranges (unwaxed and organic) and either use a veg peeler to take off strips of the outer rind (refrigerate the rest for use later), or cut into strips after using the flesh. Do the same with satsuma peel after enjoying a Christmassy citrusy treat!

Allow these strips to dry somewhere warm for a day or two, then blitz in a coffee mill or blender. The powder can then be sprinkled into smoothies, on to yogurt, or taken in any number of ways.

This is a fabulous way to get not only a hefty dose of vitamin C, but all the other co-factors, flavonoids and antioxidants present in the whole food rather than a synthetic supplement. There’s also evidence that Vitamin C supplements are manufactured from GMO grain sources – not good! – and some contain aspartame!

Boosting nutrient intake always has to be better from natural sources, so that it’s properly assimilated. Of course, there’s the fact that nutrients work in synergy and interdependently to maintain health – vitamin c works with other nutrients like zinc, selenium, flavonoids and B vitamins to fight a cold or flu, for instance – so using whole foods provides the range needed in the most bioavailable form.

So, get some seasonal citrus into your body this winter, with your own booster powder to boot, and have a healthy winter!

P.S. We all know that the right probiotic balance in the gut is crucial to our immunity too – to give yours a boost with a high strength foundational formula, try my Go Pro blend here, and keep your gut happy!

Colds and Flu Fighting Veg

Supercharge for winter! Which vegetable superfoods are the best choices to ward off colds and flu?

Obviously all veg is good, but to maximise nutrient intake in simple ways, some are better all rounders than others.

Cabbage is a good choice, containing cancer-fighting glucosinolates, though a better choice would be watercress. This is a powerhouse of iron, antioxidant vitamins A and C, folic acid and even calcium as well as cancer-fighting compounds. The best choice, however, has to be kale – still the cabbage family but higher in vitamins, minerals and active compounds. Studies have also linked kale consumption with lower breast cancer rates.

Whichever you choose, don’t forget the orange juice to optimise iron absorption!

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