The Reset Health Coaching Package

Is your body trying to tell you something about your health?

It could be so much better:

If only you had more energy.

If only you didn’t get run down and pick up every bug going.

If only you could spend less time feeling worn out and more time living your life.

Your full-throttle approach to life demands a lot from your body, and sometimes it doesn’t want to play along.

With the right food, your body can function efficiently giving you stable energy levels, vibrant health and a glowing sense of well-being, plus of course, increased resilience to disease and stress.

Re-energise your body, revitalise your health, reboot your lifestyle with health coaching that revolves around delicious real food!

7 Signs You Need A Reboot

Erratic energy levels leave you struggling to get out of bed, yearning for an afternoon snooze, and collapsing on the sofa at the end of the day.

You’re not the weight you want to be, no matter how many diets, shakes or colour-coded food systems you try.

Some foods leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable, but you haven’t uncovered the culprits.

You’re so busy with work, family, home and all your other commitments you don’t have time to buy and prepare healthy food.

You’ve tried excluding foods, exercising more and eating less so many times you’ve lost count. And now you’re beating yourself up at your lack of progress.

By the end of the day you feel too exhausted to enjoy the evening, so you pick yourself up with a glass of wine, sugary treat or both (which you know is wrecking your sleep).

You’ve knocked your own well-being, health and nourishment to the bottom of your ever-lengthening to-do list.

Is this sounding familiar?

I Beat Chronic Fatigue And Cancer

How do I know how you’re feeling right now? Because I’ve been there myself. I have suffered serious ill health brought on by prolonged, severe stress. I could barely function, let alone enjoy life. My family suffered too. And then I rediscovered the power of food, how I could heal my body by feeding it the right way.

I have used real food to recover from chronic fatigue and cancer in double quick time, and stay vibrantly healthy to this day. This is why I’m passionate about giving people the tools to support their bodies and minds in our hectic world.

Delicious, nourishing food is what your body and brain need. It’s not about filling your belly; it’s about nourishing yourself. It’s not about calories; it’s about nutrients. I want to show you how to fuel your body so you can enjoy your life to its fullest, while your body and brain work at their best.

The Secret Behind My Programme’s Success

My eating plan, developed over years of study and professional experience, was originally given to clients as a foundational diet to support healing, with significant weight loss an interesting side effect as they reached their happy weight, the one they were born to be.

But the plan delivered even more for them than I had expected. Clients reported improvements in symptoms they had learned to live with and even accepted as ‘normal’, such as afternoon energy slumps.

Based on my clients’ feedback, I developed my programme further and tailored it to the needs of women like me. Women working hard in their careers, looking after families, trying to juggle everything. Women who are prone to stress, nutritional deficiencies and health issues that can quickly turn from niggles into disease. Because I was one of those women who did too much for too long, and I paid the price.

And my secret? (Lean in, I’m  whispering now). I don’t only focus on food and the body. I look at the mind and emotions too.

The Reset takes a holistic approach to food. By balancing information about nutrition with lessons on the psychology of eating, I can teach you how to reprogramme your mind, avoid your old habits and embrace a new way of nourishing yourself.

Give Me 12 Weeks And I’ll Give You A New Lease of Life

Streamlined, sassy and stable, that’s how you could be feeling in just twelve weeks time. You’ll experience an all round boost: energy soars, stress lessens, mood brightens, calm reigns, weight drops off. These improvements have a knock-on positive impact on all areas of life, and business.

And when you prioritise your health and well-being, your family will soon follow your example. It won’t just be you getting a reboot, your loved ones will benefit too. What could be better than our children being inspired to learn the skills and knowledge to optimise their health as they go through life?

I Know This Works

I’ve been studying and working in holistic nutrition for nearly 25 years, beginning with clinical nutrition then expanding into nutritional therapy, functional medicine, food and environmental allergies, and naturopathy. I’m an approved practitioner of the Complementary Medical Association, known for their strict regulations and guidelines, and their holistic overview. I’m also a trained teacher, and a lifelong cook (and foodie). I know my stuff.

I’ve ploughed all that knowledge, experience and passion into creating an online programme that can deliver a calmer, slimmer, happier, healthier you.

So, who’s already changed their life and health for the better, for good? Here’s a selection of a few Rebooters:

Christina joined because she was facing a major heart-health crisis:

“I am pleased to tell you that I have lost eighteen pounds and on my way to a comfortable slim size. Very grateful for the work you did with me as my arteries into the heart were completely clear before surgery. It was textbook according to the surgeon.” Christina, Tavistock

Wendy was fed up with being failed by mainstream medicine:

“I’ve noticed many benefits since starting the healthy eating plan. I no longer have restless legs, and my gut is tolerating all kinds of fibre I wouldn’t have attempted to include before. Meeting you, Jane, has been a nutritional revelation, I’ve learnt more from you in 3 months than what 35 years of consultations with medics, surgeons and dieticians has taught me! There have been dramatic positive changes in my body and health.Thank you so much!” Wendy, Plymouth

Maddy learned how to thrive after beating cancer:

“I just feel as if I am really looking after my body now and love the new foods and recipes. I find for the first time in my life I actually enjoy shopping and cooking! I do feel as if it is making a difference to the way I feel and after cancer invading my body. I’ve come to realise that good things come from bad experiences, otherwise I wouldn’t have met Jane.” Maddy, Cornwall

Sue asked for help to change the eating habits of a lifetime:

I wanted to be educated on the correct way to reduce my excess weight and to eat healthily for life. I have never wanted to eat processed food with added nasties. It is a breath of fresh air to learn about all the nutrients that we require and how we should put them together for the most beneficial effect.” Sue, Cornwall

Peggy was boosted by the peer support from the exclusive Facebook Group:

“I joined because as I have grown older my weight has gradually increased and nothing I seemed to do stopped the upward spiral of weight gain. It’s good to learn about foods and nutrition that will support me in mid life. The new recipes and food combinations are certainly helping to combat these things and I generally feel less stressed. The next step is to try and fit in more exercise! I love the lovely ladies in the group. I find it beneficial to be in an environment that is not based on how much weight you’ve lost but to learn about that which makes you more healthy – the weight loss becomes a secondary goal to a healthier diet.” Peggy, Plymouth

It’s A Shame You’re Not Bulletproof

You’ve got dozens (maybe hundreds) of people relying on you, so much to do, and a heap of fun things planned. You don’t have time for illness to hold you back. You can’t make yourself bulletproof. But you can guard against ill-health disrupting your life by embracing a healthy lifestyle and real food.

Give Me 12 Weeks, And I’ll Coach You To A Whole New Way To Care For Your Mind And Body!

The Real Food Reboot delivers everything you need to regain control of your health and body, including:

Reboot Your Eating Regime

Everything you need to get your new lifestyle started from Day 1. An eating plan, shopping list and guide to the staple ingredients you should always have on hand. You will feel energised and motivated before you even start your first module of learning.

Know Your Nutrition

A 10 lesson toolkit of nutrition education: understand how what you eat affects you physically, mentally and emotionally. Learn what nutrients your body needs, and how to fuel it for optimum performance.

Understand Your Hungry Mind

Changing Minds – a 10 session exploration of the psychology of eating, covering issues like triggers, neuroplasticity, cravings, and reframing. Tackle your demons, and banish them for good.

Move Your Body

A 10 part easy exercise programme that can be done at home. Exercise is one of the crucial pillars of real health and is proven to boost mood, weight loss and productivity. This guide will show you how to exercise quickly and easily in a few minutes each day.

Real Food Reflections Journal

A journal is an effective way to record actions, thoughts and progress; an essential practice when changing ingrained habits. With the Body and Soul Journal you can keep track of the food you eat and symptoms you experience. You can also journal about your blocks, triggers and reflections throughout the programme.

Real Food Recipes Booklet

Make establishing your new eating regime even more achievable with this collection of carefully chosen recipes. Selected for their supportive nutrition, easy execution and deliciousness these meals and snacks will launch you into a new way of preparing and eating nutritious food.

An exclusive Facebook community

When you sign up for The Real Food Reboot, you gain access to our exclusive Facebook group of like-minded souls, undergoing the same transformation. Pop in for support, share your experiences, ask questions and offer advice, any time of day or night. I’ll be in there to help when I can, so in addition to your personal coaching sessions, you’ll be able to read bonus insights from me in the group.

You Can’t Do This By Yourself

What’s that nagging voice of doubt telling you? That you won’t be able to do this by yourself?

I don’t expect you to. I understand that the right support is crucial to the success of this programme. Which is why a central part of this programme is the option for either one email coaching session or twelve personal coaching sessions with me, plus the community of like-minded souls in our wonderful Facebook group.

With or Without Coaching Sessions, 3 Levels For All Needs, A Facebook Community, And A Monthly Group Meeting

The central part of making these subtle but deep life changes is having the space to talking through your experiences, your blocks and your triumphs. It could be anything from resisting evening chocolate to discovering a new life hack! Nothing is off the table when it comes to supporting you in your journey of rediscovery and delicious revelation!

My mission is simple – keep busy people in optimal health so that they can give to the world. Let me help you make that happen, and keep it happening.

I want to give everyone who is committed to rediscovering real health and real food the input they need.

The cost of working one to one with me to cover everything in this programme is normally over £3,000. You have the chance to access 20 years of experience and expertise for much less for a limited period.

We start in January. When the programme is full, it won’t run again until I have the time and space to do it.

You’re reading this for a reason – take the opportunity to prioritise YOU.

To take the leap and change your life (and health) for the better, click to see each option:

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The Premium Package

For a discovery session to ask more, email me here.

Wishing you happiness and health!

Terms and Conditions: While this programme is a very comprehensive one, with a history of success and plenty of testimonials to back it up, I cannot guarantee your results. Your success will be the result of more than just the purchase of the programme – it will also be impacted by how assiduously you put the recommendations and information into action, and by other factors unknown to me, such as medication or health issues that could be affecting your health or weight. By purchasing, you accept that your results cannot be guaranteed. This programme is also non-refundable for the same reasons.