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When you’re juggling demands, responsibilities, work, family, and more, and that’s even before you’ve thought about the most basic self care, thinking about food is probably last on your list!

I’m Jane, The Functional Foodie, and I’m passionate about helping people stay well in busy lives. I’ve been through my own health crises triggered by prolonged, severe stress, recovered using the power of nutrition and real food, then gone on to be commissioned by the NHS and win a UK Enterprise award for innovation in nutrition as a result of that passion to develop solutions for real food and real health in real life!

If you’re experiencing signs or symptoms that you’re not happy with, that seem to be getting worse, your body (or your brain!) are talking to you. That could manifest as any number of things so many of us take for granted as normal:

  • gut symptoms like bloating, cramps or bowel changes,
  • hot flushes, or worsening PMT,
  • mood swings, anxiety or irritability,
  • feeling permanently stressed,
  • craving sugar, alcohol or other foods,
  • restless legs, insomnia, or waking unrefreshed,
  • crashing energy levels, or no energy at all!

Sound familiar?

The truth is that these are just a few examples of ways that clients’ bodies are telling them that there is something missing – many that I see are actively undernourished, even though they think they eat healthily. Self diagnosing doesn’t help. Confusing and contradictory ‘advice’ from unqualified sources can lead you down all sorts of dead ends, because what is really needed is a trusted, professional set of eyes.

Are solutions and resolutions difficult, expensive or time consuming? Very often, no – it can be very quick and easy! The first step? Letting the Foodie detective (me) take a look at your current diet and lifestyle to see what’s really going on.

So, are you ready? Just send me a message to arrange a free discovery call, or ask any questions you have about any of the ways I can help you get healthier and happier! I’ve spent over 20 years as a functional nutritionist, and my whole life cooking as a confirmed foodie, spreading the real food word far and wide.

25 years of practice has brought me to specialise in mental health nutrition, weight management, ME/chronic fatigue, gut disorders, food addictions, hormone imbalances, cancer recovery, and making real food achievable and enjoyable!

The Functional Food Coach Academy trains health professionals and chefs how to add diet and lifestyle assessment with achievable solutions to their client work for a truly holistic practice: find out more HERE.

Workshops and cookery classes allow people to take control, making healthy eating a pleasure.

Commissions include specialist clinics, the NHS, local media columns, expert input, guest spots on national blogs, tv and radio, restaurant consultancy, charities, CICs, and condition-orientated support groups.

Services for clients range from 1-2-1 consultations and assessments, to full plans for complex or entrenched conditions, to MOTs and resource packs.

Easy Start Eating Plans, courses, and targeted condition-specific starter packs, like the Happy Brain Series, are available to help people put nutritional healing into practise easily.

The Functional Foodie membership and course hub brings advice, recipes, information and resources into one place as a one stop shop for everything health and food: find out more HERE.

For businesses, CICs, the NHS, groups, and charities, I run CPD, in-house services to improve staff health and wellbeing, produce information and advice handbooks/resources, courses/workshops in specific condition-related subjects, general healthy eating, or teaching how good produce becomes delicious, healthy food!

I am also regularly consulted by restaurants and food providers around menus, recipes and themes that make their offerings healthier, vegan or vegetarian. In 2017, I won a UK Enterprise Award for nutrition innovation.

For more information or to see how we could work together, just call me or drop me an email.

If you’d like to discuss private coaching, an individual plan or contact me for writing, speaking or teaching about my health special areas of interest, drop me an email or give me a call.

How can I help? I’m a phone call or email away, ready to help you along your individual path to being happy and healthy!


Jane Hutton is a holistic functional nutritionist with over two decades of experience behind her, and three determined recoveries of her own. Her driving ambition is helping people reach, and maintain, vibrant all round health, on all levels, making nutritious, delicious food a daily habit as natural as brushing their teeth.

There’s so much more to being healthy than seeing a healthcare practitioner when we are ill; there’s more to illness than just the physical. Our physical, mental and emotional health are dependent on each other, and need to be in balance for us to really be healthy and happy.

Jane learned this the hard way, and came to nutrition (and a rediscovery of her childhood real food roots) via not one, but three brushes with major ill health caused by prolonged, severe stress, including Chronic Fatigue and cancer.

Continual professional development, while keeping a keen eye on clinical research, is vital to stay relevant and informed about the latest discoveries and interventions, backed up by scientific evidence. A lifetime love of good food and cooking combines with this knowledge, allowing Jane to create scrumptious recipes with specific health benefits, targeted at particular conditions, and seasonal recipes that are all about enjoying the healthiest, most delicious food – fresh, local produce.

Training, study, and research encompassing a variety of disciplines, such as nutritional therapy, clinical nutrition, functional medicine, and food and environmental allergies, has allowed Jane a holistic view of causal and situational elements of health, with equally holistic solutions.

The result? A way of returning to real food in a modern way, promoting real health, delicious meals and local produce – the art of Functional Food.

Jane specialises in specific nutrition for mental health disruptions, ME/chronic fatigue, cancer recovery, autoimmune disorders, gut issues, hormones, ASD diet changes and reaching your happy weight. Oh, and delicious food!

What are people saying about functional food?

After many years of a recurring condition, ulcerative colitis, which was misdiagnosed as IBS initially and apparently has no effective cure, Jane carefully designed a comprehensive nutrition plan to follow and recommended excellent probiotics – a successful outcome was reached.

TJ, Cornwall

I am pleased to tell you that I have lost eighteen pounds and on my way to a comfortable slim size. Very grateful for the work you did with me as my arteries into the heart were completely clear before surgery. It was textbook according to the surgeon.

CJ, Tavistock

I’ve noticed many benefits since starting the healthy eating plan. I no longer have restless legs, and my gut is tolerating all kinds of fibre I wouldn’t have attempted to include before. Meeting you, Jane, has been a nutritional revelation, I’ve learnt more from you in 3 months than what 35 years of consultations with medics, surgeons and dieticians has taught me! There have been dramatic positive changes in my body and health.Thank you so much!

WB, Plymouth

I just feel as if I am really looking after my body now and love the new foods and recipes. I find for the first time in my life I actually enjoy shopping and cooking ! I do feel as if it is making a difference to the way I feel and after cancer invading my body. I’ve come to realise that good things come from bad experiences, otherwise I wouldn’t have met Jane.

MP, Cornwall

I wanted to be educated on the correct way to reduce my excess weight and to eat healthily for life. I have never wanted to eat processed food with added nasties. It is a breath of fresh air to learn about all the nutrients that we require and how we should put them together for the most beneficial effect.”

SC, Cornwall

I joined because as I have grown older my weight has gradually increased and nothing I seemed to do stopped the upward spiral of weight gain. It’s good to learn about foods and nutrition that will support me in mid life. The new recipes and food combinations are certainly helping to combat these things and I generally feel less stressed. The next step is to try and fit in more exercise! I love the lovely ladies in the group. I find it beneficial to be in an environment that is not based on how much weight you’ve lost but to learn about that which makes you more healthy – the weight loss becomes a secondary goal to a healthier diet.

PS, Plymouth

I started The Masterplan last week and I am absolutely loving it!! I’ve already lost 2lb and an inch from my waist which is incredible but most of all I’m really enjoying experiencing loads of new food. I never really bothered too much before because life gets in the way so I would eat the same things all the time – things which I actually thought were quite healthy but wow, if this is healthy, bring it on !! I have never tried so many different foods before and I thought I had a fairly good diet! I’m also finding ways to slip gut friendly food into the family’s meals too, it’s great, I am loving the creativity of it all! It’s time for me now. Thanks Jane!

ZA, Bristol

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There is so much confusing information out there, often contradictory, and it can be hard to know who and what to trust. This is a place where my members’ questions and concerns are addressed, where information can be relied upon, and where you’ll get the inside track on health and how to use food as daily healthcare. The professional input of an experienced functional nutritionist at your fingertips – what’s not to like?

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