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Functional Food – Diet and Nutrition as Real Food for Real Life!

So, how are you? Probably the question we’re most frequently asked, but how often do we ever stop to consider how we really are? Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too. Diet and nutrition can be easily forgotten in relation to a holistic view of ourselves – this is the whole ethos behind Trinity Holistics, and the art of Functional Food.

This video is one of a series showing how to make smoothies the healthy way for a quick nutrient boost. Yes, there is a right and a wrong way! The benefits of supercharging your health are obvious – a little knowledge can make all the difference and arming people with knowledge and tools for vibrant health is what I love to do. For more recipe videos, go to my Youtube channel here:

How can I help you feel better and do more?

All treatments can be conducted online, by phone/Skype, or in person in clinic in Plymouth and St Mellion, Cornwall. I am always available by phone and email. I don’t just work locally, I work nationally too, and internationally online and by email – see the details below or on the Enquiries page.

Take a look…

See how we can work together to reach, and keep:

  • energy and vitality to get the best out of life
  • healthy, natural weight loss – leave dieting and deprivation in the past
  • a happy brain – stay balanced, motivated and calm
  • and much more!

Whatever your concern, using nutrition and diet, the possibilities are limitless, as are the benefits. Understanding how to work towards being healthy physically, mentally and emotionally is the first step to being whole. Then there’s truly a positive answer to the question “how are you?” 

Food is the foundation of health…..

The trinity of physical, emotional and mental health combine to define us as whole beings. If something’s not right in one, it can show in another. I understand what compromised health feels like, and that personal experience of my own healing journey means I can relate to yours.

Confirmed foodie as well as nutritionist, my mission is to help and heal, keeping food deliciously real, bringing together nutritional science, a love of cooking and eating glorious food, and a return to traditional methods of growing, eating, harvesting and healing – this is what Functional Food means: using real food in real life for real health.

Did you know…?

I specialise in specific nutrition for mental health disruptions, ME/chronic fatigue, autoimmune disorders, gut issues, hormones, ASD diet changes and reaching your happy weight! Email or call to have a chat about your concerns with no obligation.

What are clients saying?

“I started The Masterplan last week and I am absolutely loving it!! I’ve already lost 2lb and an inch from my waist which is incredible but most of all I’m really enjoying experiencing loads of new food. I never really bothered too much before because life gets in the way so I would eat the same things all the time – things which I actually thought were quite healthy but wow, if this is healthy, bring it on !! I have never tried so many different foods before and I thought I had a fairly good diet! I’m also finding ways to slip gut friendly food into the family’s meals too, it’s great, I am loving the creativity of it all! It’s time for me now. Thanks Jane!”

Zoa, Bristol

“I did the 30-day Lifestyle Project Fast Track. I am so glad that I did! I wanted to understand some of the science of nutrition and get practical advice and tips on eating well. I got that in spades! Jane is so knowledgeable, friendly and reassuring. The plan is very well structured, and holistic with weekly focused videos, recipes, and a live Facebook Q&A session. It is also fantastic to be part of a community engaged in the plan and be able to give and have support from the others people taking part in the plan. I feel the plan has given me the solid foundation to understand and plan healthy and sustainable eating habits for the future.”

Louiza, Plymouth

For more about what clients have to say, check out the About page!

Become a Functional Foodie – join our online community!


Take your foodie health to a new level with the Functional Foodie membership and recipe hub!

You love good food and great health. You live life to the full, and want the energy and joie de vivre to squeeze everything out of every day. So, how do you do that, with all the demands of modern living? Keeping up to date with the latest news, information and advice on health and food is an essential part of protecting yourself and your loved ones.

There is so much confusing information out there, often contradictory, and it can be hard to know who and what to trust. This is a place where my members’ questions and concerns are addressed, where information can be relied upon, and where you’ll get the inside track on health and how to use food as daily healthcare. The professional input of an experienced functional nutritionist at your fingertips – what’s not to like?

To check out what’s on offer, and join us, click here.

Training and Resources for Health Professionals & Chefs:

If you are a health professional or chef, you can train in nutrition and diet support for physical and mental health. For more details on what Functional Food Coach or Functional Food Chef training is all about, check out the video below or click the link to go to the website:

Training courses in Devon, Cornwall, London, Bristol and online in 2020:

Training courses and resources for professionals

For resources and eating plans that can be used in your practice, either under my name or your own, go to Eating Plans for Professionals.

Find me at…

All treatments can be conducted online, by phone/Skype, or in person in clinic in Plymouth and St. Mellion, Cornwall. I am always available by phone and email. I don’t just work locally, I work nationally too, and internationally online and by email:

Telephone: +44 (0)78 41 344 934

Home visits – please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Check out the events page for forthcoming workshops »

Workplace Wellbeing & Consulting

Whatever the size of your workforce, less than vibrant health can affect attendance, motivation and productivity. Taking care of the wellbeing of staff is a wise investment on many levels.
Benefits for your business:

  • reduce the amount of time absent from work
  • optimise the effectiveness of staff
  • create a happy, healthy team of employees.

Help your staff with:

  • in-house clinic sessions or discounted treatments
  • seminars, talks or workshops in a number of common issues which impact on health, both inside and outside the workplace

I specialise in weight management and mental health nutrition, and I’m committed to not only raising awareness, but to helping people tackle weight-related ill health, stress, depression, and the wide variety of mental health disruptions.

I run CPD days and sessions for mental health and medical professionals.

For more information, or to create an experience to match your business’s requirements, please call or email me.